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The Open Source Revolution is under way.
Open source is here to stay.  Soon you will be able to completely dispose of the Windows world.  Why not join the open source movement today.  With your help we can build the perfect computer!
Why Open Source?
The closed source way of computing is dying.  Open source systems are driving the internet today and now are ready for prime time the desktop. User modifiable, low or no cost software, an open community geared towards improving systems, software that does not crash.  The possibilities are limitless, and the revolution is already underway.

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Parts List

*Please note that there is not much customization, in order to get as many people as possible to run the exact same hardware and software

Parts list and pricing for the first model called the LenX64.  Briefly the computer is a 2ghz athlon 64, on an Asus K8N-E deluxe motherboard with a GIG of RAM, 16x dual layer DVD burner, a bootable smartstick, Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard.  Dual drive setup with backup oftware running by default.
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*If you buy from Newegg, there is a free public wishlist you can log on to and add all items to your cart.  We cannot be responsible for changes or errors, so double check it against this list.

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